My interest in healing began while studying the material from the
                                                           father of holistic medicine, Edgar Cayce. I have been a student
                                                           of the Edgar Cayce material since 1974, and the work of this great man
                                                           has influenced my entire life. My journey started with spiritual studies,
                                                           but it is not long before one studying the Cayce material is engulfed in
                                                           the concept of "the body temple." After I had my second child
                                                           who experienced health issues that the medical field was unable to
                                                           address, I began the journey into the health aspects of Cayce
                           the material in earnest. Little by little, I found that applying the wisdom
                                                           found there, a successful  outcome would be the result.
                                                           Up until the year 2000, my life followed a moderately conventional
                                                           path. I married, had two children, and worked in the fast paced world
                                                           of technology. Through that entire time, I maintained a keen interest in
                                                           all things related to health. I started first with myself, and then my
                                                           family. Once one achieves vibrant health, others take note and soon I
                                                           found myself the "local expert" on health and the Edgar Cayce material.


In the year 1999, while doing one of my periodic detoxification cleanses, my colon hydrotherapist made a
radical suggestion that I consider a new life path and take up a practice in colon hydrotherapy. I took the
bait, secured a little time off of work, and went to school at the Wood Hygienic Institute. This proved to be
such a wonderful experience, I soon established Health For Life Colon Care. In 2002, I obtained a
certificate from the Cayce-Reilly School of Massotherapy under the instruction of Sandra Duggan, author of
Edgar Cayce's Guide to Colon Care.  Today, my life continues to evolve, and I now offer consultations in the
Cayce modalities, offer sound and color therapy, do tarot readings, and have added a strong focus on my
Astrology Practice - Heaven Speaks Astrology.

With a keen interest in nutrition, I also founded the Elgin chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation in
2005.  We have since separated from the Weston A. Price Foundation, but our little group offering support
for holistic living to our local community is still going strong.

To learn more about our Traditional Nutrition group in Elgin visit:


To listen to a two-part radio interview with me, click part1 or part2.

Yours in health,
Robin Migalla
Consultations in Edgar Cayce Readings and Other Services